Behira Graham



A fast moving, introspective, character driven story of an emotional journey through love, loss and hope, set in the early 70’s.

Daniela, young and beautiful, burns her bridges, leaves her country carrying a suitcase, an aching heart and the hope of finding a home, a future, a life.

It takes a long time to get over being left by the man you love.  Daniela, bright but somewhat naïve, takes the drastic measure of leaving her country and traveling through Europe to make a new life in London.
As she tries to find her way into English society, she observes it as only an outsider can. Faced with challenges, far harder than she anticipated, she perseveres, finds a new path to follow and learns to trust and love again. But just when she feels secure, a succession of tragedies befalls her.
She learns about herself and about the new world she has chosen to live in, overcoming challenges in order to become what she wants to be.
Daniela’s journey with a colourful cast of characters, is played out against the rich tapestry of the seventies, with its music, fashion and drugs, sexual freedom and the liberating new way of life.

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What readers are saying about Daniela

“I sat in the garden in the sun during my lunch break. I read the first two chapters of Daniela and am hooked!”
“I finished Daniela and need to know what happens next please”
“I truly enjoyed your book. It was easy to read, it moved forward well, it was also sad and touching.”
“I read it on the train. I burst into tears when a death occurred. I couldn’t help it.”